There IS a Recipe For Successful Weight Loss – Here Are the Ingredients

There is a structure, a formula. Actually, it is a recipe for successful weight loss and ideal weight maintenance.

It’s like when you have a recipe for the most amazing cake – it’s a delicious masterpiece!

To make a cake, you first must have the right ingredients, and you must know the particular order to put them together to create a cake.

If you miss an ingredient, it won’t be the same cake, right?

To make a delicious cake, including all the right ingredients is half of the victory. Once you have that, you must put them together in order, with proper preparation and instructions.

If you don’t follow the instructions or put the ingredients in the wrong order, your cake will be a mess. To ensure your success, you must use all the right ingredients in the right order!


Additionally, if you try each ingredient by itself you will not get the taste of the cake, right?

I approach the weight loss recipe in the same manner!

To build your amazing, masterpiece of a healthy and fit body, you have to use a recipe of the right ingredients combined in the right order.

So, what is the recipe for successful weight loss?

  • Positive mindset
  • Nutritious food
  • Exercise
  • Sleep & recovery

Combine these ingredients in the correct, structure and order to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

Now, I know that you know about all of these ingredients, and you’ve probably tried to use them before in all sorts of different orders. Maybe you were trying to use just one or two ingredients at a time and hoping to create a lasting result and found out that those attempts were temporary and didn’t last long.

If you really want to lose weight once and for all and build a strong foundation for your healthy and fit body, you need to use the right ingredients in the right order!

That’s where my Mastermind Your Body online course comes into play. Having seen so many people, myself included, combine the elements of a successful weight loss recipe incorrectly, told me it was time to put this together. In this course, I am providing a step-by-step system on how to put everything together to achieve the best outcome.

This is the key to your ideal body weight and optimal health.

To find out how this course can change your body and your life, please contact me, and let’s talk.

Meanwhile, eat healthily, move your body, sleep well and keep your stress low!

To your Body, Mind, & Spirit

Coach Larisa










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