13130992_991895210864040_4333023454836108864_oI sought Larisa’s help in January of 2015. Doctor’s had diagnosed me with Celiac Disease two years prior and although I had given up gluten, I still wasn’t feeling well.  My energy was low, I was still getting frequent pain in my stomach and I just felt I would never feel good again. 

Larisa’s solution was not to put me on a diet but to work with the whole person starting with the mind and changing patterns of thinking.  She taught me to love and take care of my body through reduced stress, sleep, exercise and food that would fuel the body. She also taught me how to work with my body, and not against it.  I started eating plant-based foods and eliminating processed food, meat, and dairy and it was amazing how fast the results came.  Within the first two weeks, there was a significant change in my energy level, I had better mental clarity and my stomach pain disappeared.  I have continued to eat plant-based foods and use the tools Larisa equipped me with for over a year now and I have never felt better.  As a side benefit to better health, I have also lost 20 pounds!  

In addition, I have used the knowledge Larisa gave me to help my family achieve better health.  My daughter was diagnosed with a chronic skin disease and had a very painful skin ulcer for over a year.  The doctors were treating her with continuous rounds of doxycycline antibiotics and told her she would be on the medication for a lifetime.  After a year of medication and very little improvement in the painful wound, she agreed to start eating plant-based foods.  Within two months of eating healthy, proper nutrition accomplished what medicine could not, and the ulcer healed.  Thank you, Larisa, for not only helping me but for helping my family as well! ~ Teri Butler 

Since I was in grade school, I have had problems getting to a healthy weight range for my age and height.  Because of my heavy weight as a child, it caused a number of emotional issues that contributed to the problem.

Until I met Larisa, I was faced with an eating disorder and the continual challenge of trying to maintain a healthy weight and emotional balance for almost 35 years.

I was never able to stick to any exercise or a healthy eating program. Believe me, I think I tried every diet, exercise, therapy, medical aid, and weight lose device out there.  Nothing worked…until now…until Larisa.

Larisa not only changes your body by providing a different workout routine during every session, but continually keeps your emotions and mind in a place that will keep you happily coming back for more.

For the first time ever, I am comfortable in my own skin and feel totally beautiful inside and out.  Peace within yourself starts in your mind and in your heart; your body will then follow.  Larisa has the incredible gift and talent to get you there. ” ~ Kate Spry


“I don’t know how to say enough good things about Larisa.  I came to her when I was wanting to leave a 25-year marriage that was no longer working.  She helped me work through the details mentally with her life coaching. As she also worked through the physical part with the workouts and nutrition.   I’ve lost weight and am now in the best shape I’ve been in in years.  Love my new life!  I left my marriage and we managed to stay friends thanks to Larisa!!!  I just can’t say enough positive things about her!  I look and feel better than I have in over 20 years. ” ~ Kim Nodurft

!Joan Therese Photo“Working with Larisa weekly on setting my goals and activities and having her weekly telephone support has been so helpful in changing my “stinkin thinkin” about my age and body.

Applying the spiritual principles, loving myself and setting goals that are really attainable. Larisa is a very supportive and loving woman. She has great ideas and practical experience to back it up. Let Larisa help you find your vital force and have fun doing it!” ~ Joan Therese Seivert

 “Larisa’s warmth, love, energy, and passion is so inspirational and glows like a beacon for me as I am working to connect mind, body and soul. I am able to use these tools to attract into my life what I truly desire.  Most importantly, I am learning to connect my mind, body and spirit to create what I really want in life.”~ Deb Johnson


“Larisa and I met through Toastmasters, and I was honored to be her mentor for her early speeches. She has blossomed as a speaker and has become very powerful, professional and passionate in every speech she delivers. She very effectively weaves her background as a personal trainer into her work as a life coach and spiritual teacher. To me, Larisa is the complete package.” ~ Joyce Feustel

“Larisa is a highly inspirational and motivational coach. It’s my pleasure to recommend her and her coaching techniques to anyone determined to change their life. Larisa’s energy and positive attitude are apparent from the first moment you meet her. Her passion for life and her desire to teach and encourage others to live their lives to the fullest is demonstrated by her sincere desire to help each person she meets. Larisa is kind, compassionate and enormously supportive when it comes to tailoring a specific program for each individual client, taking into account their particular needs and the goals they wish to attain. I would highly recommend her to any individual looking to change their life for the better. Larisa will take you from just ‘existing’ to ‘living’ your life to the fullest.” ~ Karen Scheer

Anna's bio pic“Larisa’s inspirational speaking is proven to be life changing. Her ability to inspire people to love their body and enjoy their life was extremely helpful for those  who are lacking confidence. She inspires women to change their image, love their body and enjoy their life. The story of her own life is a big part of why her speaking is so inspirational to other women. I would recommend her to anyone who was in need of an inspirational speaker. You will not regret it!”  ~ Anna Karimo

420249_10150578008044023_261949108_n“Honestly, words cannot describe the energy and passion that Larisa is blessed with! She introduces a powerful mindset and allows you to actually feel a vibrancy like I have never experience with any kind of leader/coach. Larisa changed my life in so many ways. I have worked with her off and on for 7 years! If I were to write all the reasons I love her and what she does for women, this review would be pages long!! All I can say is that she reminds us that we are so powerful and capable of creating the body and the life we want! It is more than just getting in shape and looking great…it’s about BEING great and attracting all the things you desire in life! Do yourself a favor and hire Larisa.” ~ Jessica Klein

06642c5“When you are caught up in everyday business life, it is easy to become complacent in steadily improving upon yourself. Larisa is an excellent life coach that motivates and challenges. I became more centered and focused on the issues in my life that matter most. I reached decisions on things that I had been putting on the back burner. I reestablished my goals, working from core values. I recommend her coaching if you want to get a jump-start on improving things today.” ~ Scott Mesneak