Life Changing Workshops

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Workshops are designed to create balance in how we view ourselves and handle life. Of the three parts of our being – spiritual, emotional and physical – the spiritual and emotional are often neglected, leading to issues in the physical. Let me guide you and a group of friends and family to your best selves in a safe and comfortable environment.

Vision Board

Need a jump start to make positive changes in your life? A Vision Board is a physical poster board to help you manifest YOUR VISION of your ideal body and perfect life into reality!

Weight Loss Game

Did you know that your attitude is playing a significant role in your mental, emotional and physical health? Learn how to hack your mind and use the Spirit, Mind, Body approach to weight loss!

You In the Mirror

Do you suffer low self-esteem and negative body image? Learn how to express yourself clearly to others at home and work and become a confident, successful and happy person.

How to Host

  • Submit the form below or call me at 303.359.2736 to set up a date to host a workshop in your home or office.
  • Decide what kind of workshop you want to host: potluck, refreshment & wine, or just a straightforward workshop.
  • Create a simple e-vite or email invitation to send to your friends and family. Please use the information from this page or be creative and use your own words. Include a link to the Workshop page in the invitation for more details.

The Coach Larisa Approach

We are a three part beings – spiritual, emotional and physical. When one of ┬áthese parts are neglected, it creates imbalance in other two parts. When you learn how to keep all three parts harmonious, your will become a master of your mind, your body and your life. You will overcome the obstacles that hinder your success. Develop new habits and life skills to create the life of your dreams. Improve your health and relationships. Lose weight and get fit. Find your life purpose and deepen your spiritual awareness. Become the best version of yourself and reach your full potential.



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