Motivational Speaking Engagements


Motivational Speaking

I have designed keynote speeches, workshops and seminars on weight loss, successful mindsets, health, fitness, stress reduction and healthy lifestyle to Businesses, Networking Groups, Social Clubs, Universities, Sports, Arts Organizations and Conferences of all types. I tailor a speech, a workshop, or a seminar to suit the needs of your organization.

Client Testimonial

 “Larisa lives her passion for physical fitness and spiritual growth in her own life. She knows how to connect with her clients through her inspirational speaking abilities to bring out the best possible results for them. She is a natural when it comes to bringing out positive changes in others.” ~ Brian Shuett

Speaking Topics

Mastermind Your Relationships

Unstable relationship with your partner? Haunted by issues with your parents? Develop a successful mindset to overcome difficult or unhealthy relationships and form new and bountiful connections with others at home and in the workplace.

Mastermind Your Business

Need to jump start your career or business? Use your mind’s power to develop successful mindsets to become a leader in your industry. Develop the skills to take your business to new levels of prosperity and create the freedom you desire.



Prices for speaking engagements vary depending on requirements. For more details, please Send Request

The Coach Larisa Approach

We are a three part beings – spiritual, emotional and physical. When one of  these parts are neglected, it creates imbalance in other two parts. When you learn how to keep all three parts harmonious, your will become a master of your mind, your body and your life. You will overcome the obstacles that hinder your success. Develop new habits and life skills to create the life of your dreams. Improve your health and relationships. Lose weight and get fit. Find your life purpose and deepen your spiritual awareness. Become the best version of yourself and reach your full potential.



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