You can’t move forward if you are stuck in the past. To create something new you have to let go of something old that doesn’t serve your highest good and holds you back.

Stop wasting your energy and time on fighting the old and re-living the pain. Stop trying to figure it out, who was right and who was wrong. It is irrelevant because you can’t change your past.

What relevant is what you choose to think and talk about and what you choose to do today to make your body and life better.

If you are struggling with extra weight, I betcha, that you are caring a heavy load of negative feelings, which not only hold you back from reaching your goals but literally destroying you physically and mentally and robbing you of happiness.

Let go of negative feelings, such as anger, resentment, revenge, jealousy, shame, guilt, and free your body and mind from these emotional toxins.

Negative feelings are the #1 reason for emotional eating and overeating, which leads to overweight, low self-esteem, and physical and mental diseases.

Give yourself a favor, stop looking back and start moving forward!

It is a challenging process to let go of “old stuff”, but it is a necessary process in order to rebuild your health and create a new beautiful life.

If you want to lose weight and get healthy and fit, you need to approach this journey from the inside out.

Get rid of old things, thoughts, and habits that hold you back and start building a new attitude, and the set of skills that help you to re-build your health and happiness.

Try this game with me:

When a negative thought or memory from the past enters your mind, begin quietly singing the song from the movie “Frozen”: “Let it go, let it go…”, I don’t need this anymore…

Shift your focus to something positive that makes you feel good. I am not talking about food here :-), I am talking about thoughts and feelings.

You can use the affirmations to shift your focus and start re-programing your mind towards health and happiness.

Example of affirmations:
* I choose peace instead of this.
* Every day in every way I am getting better and better.
* I got the power to choose how I feel, and I am choosing peace and happiness.
* And this shall pass.

If you put this in practice for at least a month, I promise, that unnecessary heavy weight of negative energy starts fading away, and you will feel lighter, and happier.

P.S. Here are more powerful words from the movie Frozen:
“… It’s time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I’m free!
Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You’ll never see me cry…

…I’m never going back,
The past is in the past!”

Please, let me know if you have any questions or would like to talk about your challenges.

In the comments below, please share your own experiences and challenges on this topic.

To your healthy body and happy mind 💚

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