Ladies, let’s face it. Many of us have been struggling with weight issues for years, and most of us have been spinning the hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting very fast, while going nowhere. You may even be spinning that wheel right now.

Isn’t it exhausting?

Most of us know by now that diets don’t work for the long term. In fact, over the years, dieting can make us fatter.

The #1 reason diet and exercise programs fail is that they don’t address your MIND and EMOTIONS, which are what drive your unhealthy food choices, overeating, inactivity, poor sleeping, and high level of stress.

Weight loss begins in the MIND, and unless you address your MINDSET and adopt mindful practices, you won’t be able to manage your weight successfully.

I personally understand the pain and struggle of feeling out of control and being consumed by negative thoughts about my weight, body image, and dieting.  Before, I was on a roller coaster of binge eating alternating with fad diets and exercise bulimia. I would start a strict diet, and after feeling deprived, I would consume huge quantities of food and then diet and exercise weight off, only to repeat the cycle over and over again.

This effected my health in the form of injuries from over training, high blood pressure from anxiety, and sleep deprivation from chronic emotional stress. Ultimately, this took me several years to recover from. That is until…


I discovered the way to connect my MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT to reach and maintain my IDEAL WEIGHT from the inside out!

I don’t diet anymore. Instead, I make choices that nourish my body. I don’t over train anymore. Now, I keep my body active, which keeps me looking and feeling strong, lean, and healthy.

I sleep well and have no anxiety. I keep my MIND at peace and focus on creating a positive outcome in every situation.

My passion is to share my experience, knowledge, and wisdom with other women so they can transform their MINDS, BODIES, and LIVES to become confident in their own bodies! That’s is why I developed The Mindful Weight Loss online Coaching Course for women, an online coaching group that only for those seriously dedicated a complete transformation.


If you are ready to transform your MIND so you can achieve your IDEAL WEIGHT and stop struggling, schedule your Free Breakthrough session today and let’s talk.

To your Health and Happiness,

Coach Larisa


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