I highly recommend these books for everyone who wants to take charge of her/his physical and emotional health, deepens spiritual connection, improves a quality of life, and increase a sense of happiness and life purpose.

Life is never-ending school and every day we are going through our life lessons and tests. I am very grateful to the authors of these book for sharing their wisdom and knowledge with us. These authors are my coaches, mentors, and friends. I didn’t meet all of them in person; however, I learn from them and connect with them spiritually through their books. We all in this together!

Every book contains an element of wisdom, so read with open mind and implement this wisdom in your life.

If you are leading a busy lifestyle and do not have much time to read the book, then you can listen to audio version of a book when you drive, walk, jog, run or bike.

There are great Apps available for you to download the audiobooks and listen to them for free.

I love the OverDrive app. It allows you to download the books and audiobooks on your phone from your local library for FREE.

Download them at home, or the place when you can use wifi, so you don’t use your data, then listen to them anywhere you want!

Go ahead my friend, read these books and act upon their wisdom, they will transform your life! 

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