Today is day 11 of 12 days of fitness challenge. I hope you are going to join me in doing a circuit of 11 exercises and I am going to start right now.

While I am doing my activities on this side, I will talk to you about your mind and your body here.

If you are on a diet right now or prepare yourself to get on the diet for your New Year Resolution, you are not alone!

Unfortunately, every year, every month and every day, people are entering a vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting, that leaves millions frustrated and unhappy.

We have a $20 billion weight-loss industry. If those pills and methods worked, everyone would be at their ideal weight by now, but this is so far from the reality.

We have a third of adult population classified as overweight or obese.

We have a huge problem in this area, and there is no magic pill to fix it.

If you want to lose weight and get fit and healthy ones and for all, you must learn how to make smart decisions on a daily basis to support your health.

The first part of your body you need to focus on, not your abs or your arms, but your brain – your mind.

Your body is a reflection of your mind’s choices.

Your mind is a command and control center for your body. Your decisions come from your mind on:

* What, when and how much to eat.
* Exercise or watch TV instead.
* Go to bed at 10 pm or stay late at night.
* What to buy at grocery store and bring home
* What to say to yourself when you look in the mirror

This year, start your weight loss journey with reprogramming your mind, to think positive, and healthy thoughts.

First of all, change your goal from ” I want to lose weight.” to ” I am getting fit and healthy.” and support this goal with your actions.

Make a plan for your healthy food, exercise, adequate sleep, and positive attitude and stick with it daily.

Start thinking, speaking and acting as a fit person and you will become a fit person!

Each day, let your body know how amazing it is with all its senses and abilities. E

Every morning and evening look in the mirror when you are brushing your teeth, or washing your face and say: ” Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

You body will follow your mind!

Thank you for being here today!

I will see you tomorrow.



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