MIND YOUR BODY – customized health and weight-management  programs for individuals, groups and business.


All around the world, people are struggling with their weight and health challenges. They are are struggling with obstacles that have kept them from making better nutrition choices, exercise more and making their health a priority.  They are struggling to adopt the lifestyle they need to fend off preventable disease, live longer and spend less on health care.  Many of them are living on a vicious cycle of temporary changes fueled by quick-fix promises, and as a result, their achievements are short lived.

Health coaching based on education and implementation of behavioral psychology, physical activities and nutrition.  It helps people end the vicious cycle of weight struggles and empower them to positive, long term healthy changes.

As a health coach and a personal trainer I guide my clients to make weight-related behavioural change through goal setting, education, motivation, programming, support, appropriate progression and referral when necessary.


  • Health coaching over the phone, via Skype or in person
  • Keynote Speaking and PP presentations to small and big groups
  • Workshops and seminars


  • certified life and health coach
  • certified personal trainer and nutrition counselor
  • lifestyle modification and behavior change specialist
  • speaker

Completed continuing education courses and trainings: 

  • Fitness professionals guide to sport’s nutrition and weight management
  • Health Coach Strategies for Program Design and Implementation
  • Health Coach Strategies for Behavior Modification
  • Effective Counseling Techniques Course
  • Nutrition for Health and Performance
  • Fitness Professionals’ Guide to Sports Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Fat metabolism and weight management strategies
  • Lifestyle and weight management: program design
  • Lifestyle and weight management: program implementation
  • Epidemic Proportions: The Price of Obesity and How It’s Affected the Role of Fitness Professionals
  • ACE integrated Fitness training: Effective tools and techniques
  • Exercise for chronic disabilities
  • Exercise for chronic diseases
  • Sport nutrition
  • ACE practical training workshops- personal trainer and group instructor
  • Finding Success in the Corporate World: How to Become a Wellness Consultant Who Produces Positive Results
  • Older Adults: Aging and the Body’s Response to Exercise
  • Overcoming the “I Hate Change” Mentality
  • Program Design: How to Ditch the One-Size-Fits-All Approach
  • Latin Blaze (cardio dance classes)
  • YOGAFIT teacher training program
  • AED Certification course
  • CPR Certification course
  • First Aid course

Continuing interests, studies, trainings and courses:

  • Positive psychology and it’s effect on physical body
  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Stress management
  • Placebo effect
  • Emotional eating and eating disorders
  • Dis-ease prevention
  • Affirmations, meditations and prayers for health and wellbeing
  • Anti-aging
  • Longevity
  • Law of attraction
  • Science of mind
  • Quantum physics
  • NLP
  • Alternative medicine
  • Vegetarian and vegan lifestyle
  • Body mind connection

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